Many times with the best of intentions, they buy groceries that end up going bad because they don’t have the time to prepare them.

  • Do you want to start eating healthy and feeling better?
  • Do you want to eat more organic and sustainable?
  • Do you worry about all the toxic chemicals in the food you eat?
  • Are you relying on take out meals?
  • Are you looking for a fast and convenient way to eat right?

In Sarasota, your choices are small.

If you want to feed your family more organic and sustainable meals please consider The Organic Personal Chef.

What are your food preferences? Do you have special dietary needs or medical restrictions?

The Organic Personal Chef provides worry-free meals. Chef Vanda prepares gourmet healthy meals to your tastes and needs. She shops for local seasonal produce and all organic ingredients.  The Organic Personal Chef will prepare your favorite meals and a variety of flavorful cuisine from around the world in the convenience of your own kitchen. Sarasota Personal Chef.